HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control


Addis Ababa is one of the cities in Africa highly affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic with an adult prevalence rate of 7.2%. The overall challenge of curbing the epidemic in the city is the need for a coordinated, complementary and harmonious joint effort of all stakeholders in Addis Ababa.

To fight the disease and to mitigate its impact it was decided at a national level to establish HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Offices (HAPCO’s) in every region of Ethiopia. As a result of this Addis Ababa HAPCO (AAHAPCO) was founded in January 2001 to coordinate all HIV/AIDS prevention and control of medicine programs in the Addis Ababa region.

To provide an effectively coordinated HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control programs for the residents of Addis Ababa by creating an enabling environment to governmental, non-governmental, faith based, private and community organizations and individuals involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Easy access to quality HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control programs for its citizens will provide the residents of Addis Ababa with the right knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the right attitude, behavior and practice towards HIV/AIDS.

AAHAPCO working together with organizations, associations, institutes and the community at large in implementing HIV/AIDS related activities in the city to ensure that their interventions are effective and are prioritized according to need of the city in general have the following powers and duties in particular:

  • Serve as a secretariat for the council
  • Submit HIV/AIDS program prepared on the basis of recommendation of the council for the approval to the mayor of the city and follow up and coordinate the implementation of the same;
  • Coordinate the activities of the city center HIV/AIDS organs of the sub-city and non governmental organizations operating in the city in the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS; facilitate the condition for coordination;
  • Ensure that HIV/AIDS prevention plans are mainstreamed, as per the national HIV/AIDS policy, in the annual work programme of the executive and municipality service organs of the city government;
  • Support the efforts made to save the society by giving efficient and complete occupational, professional, moral as well as other assistance every time to individuals ,governmental and non-governmental organizations which directly performs preventing and monitoring activities of HIV/AIDS;
  • Ensure that the awareness raising activities of bodies operating in prevention and control of HIV/AIDS are planned and implemented in a manner that takes in to consideration age, sex, body injury, level of education prepare and dispatch directives assisting the same;
  • Organize meetings and workshops at City and sub city level for enhancing the awareness of the society about HIV/AIDS and facilitate conditions for same; notify the concerned organs and the society about people living with HIV/AIDS and legal assistance;
  • Participate in the national and regional meetings on the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS;
  • Collect and compile information on the overall situation of HIV/AIDS in the city; where necessary, dispatch to all the concerned parties;
  • Design a strategy /whereby support is obtained by creating contact with various donors;
  • Ensure that the money secured by donation and the budget allocated by the city government is properly utilized;

Organizational Structure
Click here to view or download AAHAPCO’s Organizational Structure

According to the legal proclamation, the city government of Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS prevention and control council has 65 members comprise from all sector bureaus, youth and women’s associations, CBOS, NGOS, the private sector and PLWHA. The council is the higher body of the sector. The council meets twice a year.  Under the city government HIV/AIDS prevention and control council there are the city government HIV/AIDS prevention and control office, the management board, the technical advisory committee and the review board.

The members of the city government management board are selected by the city government HIV/AIDS prevention and control council.  The board is the executive body of the HIV/AIDS prevention and council office.  The board is directed by head of the Addis Ababa city government health bureau. The members of the board include the bureau of education, civil and social affairs, information and culture, women’s affair, youth association chamber of commerce ,red cross society etc.

The Addis Ababa management board assigns a review board to appraise and review projects.  The review board is composed of individuals representing, bureau of health, women affairs office and active NGOs in the field.  The main duty of the review board is to review and approve or reject proposals for financial support as received by the AAHAPCO from NGOs, POs, and CBOs for activities aimed at alleviating the impact and curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Currently, AHAPCO has 23 professional and administrative staff of which 6 are female employees. In addition, there are 27 staff members working at the sub-city level and 170 staff members working at the Kebele level.


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