HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control

GIS HIV/AIDS Service Maps

GIS HIV/AIDS Service MapsThe AAHAPCO GIS HIV/AIDS Service Map uses GIS technology to examine the geographic and spatial distribution of HIV/AIDS related health service providers throughout Addis Ababa. It provides the names, contact information and geographically referenced data of the location, and distribution of health service providers, hospitals, health centres, clinics and higher and middle clinics, health posts, anti-AIDS clubs, schools, food mill factories, local kebele offices, COAs, FBOs, International NGOs, Local NGOs, and the types of HIV/AIDS related services and activities they are involved in.

The objective of the AAHAPO GIS HIV/AIDS LGBT Service Map is to provide local policy & decision makers, local, regional, and federal health bureaus, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control Office desks, health service providers, CBOs, FBOs, NGOs, International NGOs, Local NGOs, researchers, students, and the residents of Addis Ababa to geographically visualize and examine the location, distribution, accessibility, and appropriateness of HIV/AIDS related services for the local area, and to identify gaps and challenges in HIV/AIDS related service provision, in order to create and change healthcare policies, reduce health service provision disparities, efficiently and effectively manage current healthcare resources, and to determine future allocation of healthcare resources. The GIS HIV/AIDS Service Maps can also be used by all flavors of NGOs to support funding proposals.

There are a total of 11 GIS HIV/AIDS Service Maps. There’s a map of Addis Ababa and a separate map for each of the 10 sub cities within Addis Ababa. These GIS maps are published as a .PDF file. These published GIS maps can be viewed by Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. If you don’t already have Adobe Reader installed on your pc, you can download the latest version for free from Adobe website.

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