HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control

Apply For Programs

Who can apply?

Regional administrations and government organisations, community based organisations (CBOs), PLWHA associations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), Faith based organisations (FBOs), Private organisations (POs), and individuals

General Requirements

The organisation must demonstrate that it has the operational and administrative capacity to implement the proposed project/initiative

The duration of funding is for a maximum of one year

Proposal must specify a minimum matching contribution or own share amount as follow

5% for CBOs (community initiatives)
10% for Civic societies (NGOs, CBOs and individuals)
20% for International and Private Organizations

Priorities for funding

Consideration will be given to all projects that meet our objectives from any intervention areas.

Priority will be given to care and support programs and activities that directly target women, children, in particular orphans and / or people living with HIV/AIDS.

Those activities with a strong advocacy component will be given preference over training programmes.

Activities that support capacity building of the organisation working on HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Projects must demonstrate participation and involvement of the beneficiaries and should highlight links with other local organisations

Limited capital costs (costs for equipment). The cost must relate directly to increasing effectiveness of service delivery and building capacity of the organisation.

Innovative interventions that could be replicated elsewhere

Organisations that make use of volunteers will be given priority

Projects will be judged on the following criteria

Project must benefit those directly infected and affected by HIV/AIDS

Purpose, objectives and indicators of achievement must be clearly defined

Monitoring and evaluation provisions must be in place

Sustainability has been taken into account in the design of the project

Gender inequalities have been assessed and addressed

Projects are cost effective, particularly in relation to the number of beneficiaries

Small Grant for Community Initiatives

A grant of 8,500 ETB or less per project is available to any CBO working at woreda level. Applicants must use CS-1 format to apply directly to the Woreda Secretariat. Woreda Secretariat will review and submit all proposals to Woreda HIV/AIDS management committee for apraisal based on CS-2 format. All WACS submit quarterly action plans and reports of all activities to ARACS. Proposal should be participatory. Project must be innovative and avoid duplication. Applicant must have by-law, submit license, and contribute at least 5% to the total project cost.

Kebele Grant to EMSAP Woredas

All Woreda HIV/AIDS Secretariats prepare and submit their plans to ARACS quarterly along with their SOE of the previous quarter grant. ARACS will review all plans and submit them to National HAPCO for final approval. A budget of 2500 ETB per quarter per kebele is available and fund will be transferred directly to each woreda.

The grant scheme will NOT fund

Grants to individuals
Attendance by individuals at conferences or workshops
Training and school fees
Capital expenditure * e.g. buildings, furniture, vehicles, computers etc (*except under special circumstances)


Prepare your proposal

Your proposal must include:

– Title, Organization Name, Contacts
– Objectives, Output, Activities, Funding Breakdown, Matching Contribution
– Intervention areas, Target Groups, Indicators, Sustainibility, Location, Durations
– Implementation and Monitoring and Evaluation capacity

For complete details refer to our Proposal submission form (+ summary)

Your application must include the following supporting documents:

– License
– Audit reports
– Letter of recommendation from Zonal HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Secretariat
– Certificate (for VCT project only)

Submit your application

Submit your proposal and supporting documents to

Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


1) The secretariat will verify that your proposal satisfies all basic requirements and confirm by phone or mail within 3 days after receiving the proposal that

Your proposal is complete and pending for review OR
Any amendment needed

2) The secretariat might choose to perform a capacity assessment as necessary in order to reject or submit application to the review board. This activity will take 1 to 2 weeks

3) The Review Board meets on a weekly basis. All applications will be approved, rejected or recommended for further revision within 7 days of submission to the review board.

4) The Secretariat will make final approval and notify the applicant on the decisions within three days after receiving the decisions of the review board

All proposals that need revision or being rejected will receive written feedback and comments from the review board.

If the proposal is rejected, the applicant may appeal to the Regional Advisory Board, whose decision will be final.

You could start receive funding as soon as 4 weeks after submission of your complete proposal.

Receiving Fund for your Projects

After the proposal is approved, a financial contract will be prepared and sent to the applicant within 2 days. The Secretariat will inform the Financial Officer in writing the amount to be funded attaching a copy of the project proposal. Except for special circumstances, the initial disbursement will not exceed 25% of the total amount and further replenishments will be made upon submission of statement of expenditure.

Reporting Requirement

An interim report and statement of expenditure will be expected per quarter or on a timeframe determined by the nature of the grant.

A final report or product outlining how the grant was spent with a statement of expenditure (and original receipts) should be sent within 30 days of the completion of the project.

In the event that project duration is longer than 3 months, interim narrative and financial reports should be submitted at the halfway point or after 3 months, whichever is soonest.

Small Grant for Community Initiatives

Applicants requesting a 8500 or 25000 Birr or less from EMSAP and Global Fund respectively should consult their Woreda Secretariat for specific procedure. The proposal will be approved, rejected or recommended for further revision within 7 days by the Woreda HIV/AIDS management committee.



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