HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control


As part of the partnership effort, the Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office together with SCF/US and other partners have facilitated the development of a forum for partners working in HIV/AIDS. The forum was held at October 2000. At the end of this workshop, a taskforce was formed to take responsibility of facilitating the establishment of the Addis AIDS Action Network.

The task force held a series of consultative meetings and workshops and successfully completed its task by producing the Addis AIDS Action guide, preparation of the memorandum of understanding of the network and finally the establishment of Addis AIDS Action Network (AAAN) under the umbrella of Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office (AAHAPCO) with 36 founding members in June 2003.

A seven member executive committee that was elected by the General Assembly took over the responsibility leading activities of the network for the first year. The initial task of the executive committee was to establish the Secretariat of the network that will carry out the day-to-day activities of the network under the executive committee.

The Network resides under the Addis Ababa HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office, being a platform for all parties involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS, but still coordinated by the regional HAPCO.

Most of the climate activities of the network are funded by ActionAid Ethiopia.

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