HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control

Kifle Ketemas

The Addis Ababa HIV & AIDS Prevention and Control Office (AAHAPCO) was established in order to mobilise multi-sectoral and grassroots efforts to fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Addis Ababa.  AAHAPCO has offices at all 10 Addis Ababa city administration offices or sub cities (kifle Ketema in Amharic) throughout Addis Ababa.

AAHAPCO works with HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office desks at the sub-city level and Health & HIV/AIDS workers at the Kebele level.  The Sub-City and Kebele desks coordinate work in their area and make links with local groups and community organisations wanting to undertake HIV/AIDS related activities.  It is through these desks that AAHAPCO is able to reach and encourage a grassroots response to the HIV & AIDS pandemic in Addis Ababa.

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Office desks at the sub-city level are coordinated and supported by Addis Ababa HAPCO but managed by the sub city chief executive. Every sub-city or kifle ketema has its own projects and programs dealing with those intervention areas that are most applicable for that part of city. Each sub-city or kifle ketema is monitored by and receives guidance from the HIV/AIDS council. The HIV/AIDS Council is composed of at least 10 members from different stakeholders (like NGOs, CBOs, private organizations, civil associations, respected individuals, etc.). A similar structure is found at the kebele level. Click here to view or download the organizational structure of AAHAPCO.



Azo Baako was born and raised in Addis Ababa.  Besides being an HIV activist, he has served as a consultant for the adult industry, helping to educate both customers and employees on the dangers of HIV/Aids.

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